Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Update on what's coming....

Books 3 and 4 have been submitted and I'm waiting on the proofs before final approval. They should be available by the beginning of next week.

Book 5 - Hounds of the Himalayas
I finally decided on a title, and I love it! It represents a new element of magic that I'm adding to the world of DOMA. I'm nearly done with my first draft, and I'm hoping for a release date of mid-July sometime.

Book 6 - Second Exodus
This book will easily be my favorite one to write. I'm looking forward to this one most of all. The characters will have reached a crossroads and by the end of the book, the series direction will have changed dramatically. I'm hoping for a release of mid-August on this one.

Short Stories - DOMA Origins
Same status as before. Deviant Behavior: Jude & Madison is in draft stage, so it will be at least mid-July before it sees release. The other three: Secrets in Stones: Gabe, and the two stories about Tomas and Hannah will be spread out over the course of the summer and early fall. I'm excited about these stories as they will add a new layer of depth to five characters who haven't really seen a lot of the spotlight.