Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Update on what's coming!

I haven't posted an update in a while, and just wanted to update everyone on what is coming next.

Book 6 - Second Exodus
The draft is finished and in the final editing phase. Tim is working on the cover as well. I'm hoping for a mid-August publishing date.

DOMA Origins - Short Stories
I have postponed finishing Secrets in Stone: Gabe for now. I will return to his short story sometime in late September or early October.
I decided to forgo the two short stories that would detail Tomas and Hannah's origins. I wrestled with this decision since I started writing these, but I feel that this is the best way to go. The important details of how Hannah became entangled with DOMA is told in Book 2. Each one experience a revelation about their childhoods in Book 6, and once I had written those scenes, I realized that was really all there was to tell.

Beyond Book 6
I have always envisioned DOMA as being 12 books and I'm still on target to make that happen. I know it's long, and I'm sure some people might complain, and maybe even a few will lose interest, but there really is an epic story to tell here. At the end of Book 6, you will see a closure on many storylines that started in the first few pages of the first book, and you'll see some teasers for how the rest of the series will go.
Following Book 6, there will be a slightly longer time period before the release of Book 7. I have not started a first draft because I need to take some time and plot out the details of Books 7 - 9. I envision writing those three back to back. If you haven't noticed already, the series sort of follows "trilogies within a series" theme, and 7 - 9 will continue that tradition. The ending to Book 9 will change the face of the series much like the ending to Book 6 will.
I will keep you updated as I announce the titles and complete the drafts.

Book 5 - Hounds of the Himalayas has arrived!

I just released Book 5 of DOMA - Hounds of the Himalayas.

This one was a fun one to write because the series is starting to head in a new direction. I love the ending of this one more than any so far. The cover is also one of my favorites so far.

Pictured on the cover (from left to right): Cadan, Natalie, Karan, Madison, and Jude