Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Two more character portraits....

Since I don't have a lot of book news to add, I decided to post two more character portraits: Kyla LaFontaine and Nolan Burrell.

You may recognize that Kyla's appearance has changed for Book 7. In previous books, she was described as wearing elaborate dresses and fur coats, but now that she is going to reside in a different location, her look has changed. As always, Tim did an amazing job capturing the look and feel of both characters.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Two character portraits

Here are two character portraits that Tim did recently. Both Josiah and Jackie will appear on the cover to Book 7. As always Tim did an amazing job capturing my vision for both of these characters, and I look forward to unveiling the final cover for Book 7.

Update on what's coming....

I haven't posted in a while and that's mainly because I've been hard at work putting together a detailed outline for the next three books in the series. I've also started developing another series, this one Science Fiction, and will post more information about that one here, too. Here's an update on my WIPs:

Book 7: Hidden Relics
I'm in the early stages of a first draft. I'm hoping to have this one out by Christmas. I will keep everyone updated on the progress as I get closer.

Secrets In Stone: Gabe
This poor short story! I've continually put it on the back burner, mainly because the story that I tell in it will be more relevant for Book 7. It will tie into Gabe and give you some more information about the few years of his life before DOMA, and will explain many aspects of his character, such as why Hazel gives him dirty looks, why he was living with the Fatales in Book 1, and more about the relationship between Fairies and Gargoyles. One other aspect of the story that I could not get away from was telling you more about the enigmatic Fairy Queen Nikki West. Even though she hasn't been seen much, she is a vital character to the series, and this story will set the tone for what will occur in Book 11.

Book 8 and Book 9
I have titles and a detailed outline for these books. I will probably start a draft of Book 8 before the end of the year, but in 2013, these two works are my top priority, so look for them to be published in January or February.

Books 10-12
I've started rough outlines for these books. I've got a good handle on the large storyline and some of the minor details, but I'm working on construction a scene sequence, which is one of the most time consuming aspects of the writing process. I will post more information about them as we get closer to those books.

Science Fiction
There's a story that's been mostly in my head for a while now that I really wanted to tell. Taking advise from some author friends, I've decided to publish this by putting out one book that is approximately 60K-80K words, and several sequels to follow. The sequels will each be approximately 20K words, and I will release them once a month in a serial format. Once I get the first book out, the shorter ones will not hinder me much from working on DOMA, which is my primary focus right now.

Thank you for being patient! I will post a couple of pictures of some characters to tide you over. :)