Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Reckoning's Cover!!

Book 9 - Reckoning will be released some time late this weekend. I thought I would tide you over with an image of the cover. As always, Tim did a fantastic job!!

I hope you enjoy!! I will post here and on Facebook once the book is live on Amazon.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Character Spotlight: Jackie

Little is known about Jackie Meyer's history, mainly because she is a private person and hasn't revealed any of those details to any POV characters. I plan on elaborating on more of her past in the final four books of the series, so you will learn much more about her.

What is known is that she is a leader in the Department of Magic. While at first she appears to be one of Josiah's closest supporters, she has been secretly working on a resistance against him. She is instrumental in helping Cadan and the other Paladins escape from the Department.

Jackie is quite possibly one of my most favorite characters in the entire series. I think one of the most intriguing characteristics is that she has that "anything to get the job done" mentality. She wants to stop Josiah, and she doesn't mind killing an enemy to make that happen. She blurs the gray, ambiguous lines of morality. Definitely not your typical "good guy".

Her sole motivation is to stop Josiah. I haven't yet revealed what fuels that motivation though. Stay tuned.

She has stated before in her own POV that there were two men she has loved before. There are clues in the story that reveal both of their identities, but I haven't come right out and stated yet. Never fear, for I will definitely be getting to that in more detail in Book 10.

A common question I get about Jackie is why Cadan is so sure that he can trust her in the beginning. Well, that is actually a fairly big secret that I will be revealing about her. So far I've shown that only Cadan and Jackie are in on this secret, but there are actually several more characters who are aware of this secret. Again, I have put clues in the books to help the reader figure it out, and I hope to write the big reveal in Book 10 or 11 (probably 11).

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Character Spotlight: Conner

I wanted to start a new feature on the blog that highlighted different characters. I would like to show a picture of each character if possible, as well as discuss my personal thoughts on them as well. One of the drawbacks of writing about such a large cast is that I never ever have the space in a story to go into detail about each one. Conner is one that if given the chance, I would love to go into more detail about. He's mostly a background character through the series, but from time to time, he steps up to play a big role, and his importance will increase dramatically from Book 10 through the remainder of the series.

Conner is one of my favorite characters. The idea came about when I was in the middle of writing Book 2, and I began to wonder what Cadan's life would have been like if he had grown up in the Department and the events of the series had never taken place. He shares many of the same qualities as Cadan, but when we encounter Conner in the story, that part of his life is long past. He's gone through some really serious, mind blowing stuff overseas, and now that he's back "home", most of his friends are on the "other side", and nearly everyone of them are changed from their tenure as War Mages.

I hesitate to say too much else because I know that people come to this blog at different stages in their reading. I'm sure there are people reading this right now who probably don't even know who he is yet. I'm not sure yet as to how much of his back story I will be able to get to before the series ends, but the Character Glossary that I'm planning to publish later this year will include much more detail that I've revealed so far.

What I will say is this: keep your eye on him. He has a large part to play in the overall story. I'm excited for the change in his story that's coming in Book 9, and I hope that you will be too. He has faced down more pain and anguish than most people have had to endure, but he is determined to make his life better for himself and those he loves.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Send me your questions!

I have received a few questions from fans related to the series, and I figured that it might be great for everyone to read the questions/answers. You can send questions about the story, the characters, the writing, or whatever you want to know. I'll compile them and begin answering, and will continue to do so as long as people submit the questions.

Just send them to with the subject "Question".

I look forward to reading and answering them!

Book 8 is almost here!

Book 8 is nearing completion with its final edits. I'm hoping to have it out by the end of the week.
Here's the cover --

The scene on the front is one my absolute favorites, and I hope you enjoy. Thank you to Tim for the amazing cover!